Air National Guard Men Prepare And Takeoff The Mythical F-15 Fighter Jet

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For peoples wondering what is on the mouth of this National Guard: It is a special microphone in order to speak under the heavy jet engine sound of the F-15.

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is an air superiority fighter aircraft designed by Boeing McDonnell Douglas in the 1970s Product over a thousand copies, it is primarily used by the US Air Force ( USAF), but it was also exported to some countries, including Israel and Japan, the latter having even built under license. A version specializes in ground attack has also been developed, the F-15E Strike Eagle.

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a variant of the F-15D. Created in 1986 to give the device a multi-role capability and attack any time, this version contains 60% of the cell of the F-15D, and also carries the FAST tanks. Its avionics has been totally modified: radar AN / APG-70 with air-ground modes (Mode Synthetic Aperture, or SAR, to generate very detailed maps), infrared pods Martin Marietta LANTIRN (navigation pod AN / AAQ -13 targeting pod and AN / AAQ-14), equipped with cockpit multifunction displays (MFD: Multi-Function Display).

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