Alps Crash Co-Pilot 'Wanted To Destroy Plane', Andreas Lubitz Crashes Germanwings Deliberately

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Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz DELIBERATELY crashed plane into French Alps. French Prosecutor Video Report
FRANKFURT—Andreas Lubitz, the 28-year-old co-pilot who a French prosecutor has said appeared to fly Germanwings Flight 9525 intentionally into the French Alps, was a member of a German flying club that said he joined the group as a youth to “fulfill his dream of flying.”
In a news conference Thursday,the French prosecutor in charge of the crash probe named Mr. Lubitz as the co-pilot, and said he appeared to have locked himself into the cockpit, preventing his more-experienced pilot to re-enter, after the pilot had briefly left the cockpit.
BREAKING: Germanwings Co-pilot Crashed Plane Deliberately Locking Other Pilot Out Cockpit French Prosecutor Says
Alps Crash Co-Pilot 'Wanted To Destroy Plane'
The 28-year-old co-pilot of the Germanwings flight which crashed in the Alps appears to have brought down the plane deliberately.
(Sky News) The co-pilot of a plane which crashed in the Alps activated the descent button and refused to open the cockpit door to the pilot.

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin says the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, 28, was alone at the controls of the Germanwings flight and "intentionally" sent the plane into the doomed descent.

He said that the crew member - who won a Federal Aviation Authority award in 2013 - wanted to "destroy the plane".

He said: "We assume the (captain) went to the loo or something. The co-pilot is on his own in charge of the plane, and it is while he is alone that he uses the flight monitoring system which starts the descent of the plane."

The flight monitoring system cannot be accidentally triggered, he added.
"We hear several cries from the captain asking to get in. Through the intercom system he identifies himself - but there is no answer. He knocks on the door and asks for it to be opened - but there is no answer."

The plane ploughed into the side of a mountain at around 430mph, killing all of those on board instantly.

"I think the victims only realised at the last moment because on the recording you only hear the screams literally on the last moments of the recording."

Mr Robin said Mr Lubitz was a German nationalbut does not know his ethnicity or religion.

He said there is nothing to indicate that this was a terrorism-related event. He said he would not speculate on whether the co-pilot had committed suicide.

He said the families are in a "state of shock" and "can't believe what has happened".

Mr Lubitzis understood to have joined the airline in 2013 straight after training.
Breathing could be heard from the cockpit and was normal, which has led investigators to believe he was conscious at the time.

There was no contact made with air traffic control in the final eight minutes of the flight.

Some500 people are now working on the investigation, which is hampered by the remote location of the crash.

Each body must be removed by helicopter as the mountainside is very steep. The recovery process is expected to take a week.

Aviation security expert Chris Parratt told Sky News: "When you become a pilot, it's not a job you choose overnight.

"It costs a lot of money, a lot of time spent, it costs a lot of money. This is an extraordinary occurrence."

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