Casio Mudmaster GG1000: Operator's Choice

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The Casio GG1000 is just a small step below a full fledged Casio Mudmaster. Well known in special operations, general military, tradesmen, first responder, and LE communities, the the Master of G Casio Mudmaster GWG1000 has a stellar reputation. It also costs about $500 or more. Enter the GG1000 Mudmaster reviewed and recommended here. It costs less than half and yet possesses all the cool features that guys will use most. The looks are incredible and will command attention. If you don't want that, get something else.
Altitude/Barometer/Solar/Atomic is omitted in the GG1000 series but few will care. I still has the high legibility, easily readable LCD screen, and core Casio functionality. We found the this Mudmaster actually makes a fabulous SCUBA dive watch as well [see video]. This GG1000 is striking in appearance but you will have to get used to is high presentation; this comes quickly and for its size it is very lightweight. Features, POU, value, TNP testing protocol is covered in the video. Various colors will be issued, sell out, and then quickly gain in value if past history is an indication. This Mudmaster version for its value is rec'd to TNPr seeking Casio full quality at a lower price.

To get the same looks for $25 or even less try the SMAEL mud styled watches below that have similar tactical, rugged looks. They make a great trial watch to before you step into the more expensive genuine Mudmaster:

In OD Green:
SMAEL in all colors, totally excellent:

Genuine Casio Mudmaster GG1000s, full featured Casio quality:
Casio Gulfmaster Master of G GWN1000s , soooo xlnt too:
Casio Gulfmaster less featured GN1000s
Casio PRG-550 [shown]:

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