Casio Rangeman GW9400: Tactical Watch?

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If you're into firearms sporting, you've probably seen this watch a thousand times. The range official has it, the cashier at the pistol counter has it, the cop down the line practicing has it. It's THE casio that everyone thinks of when they think "tactical" g-shock. How does casio's olive drab entry hold up? Does it add enough functionality to merit the 3 digit price? Does it deserve the "rangeman" moniker, or could it just as easily be "groceryshoppingman" or "nonfunctioningBarometerMan"?

Rangeman shown here is a case-swapped variant, standard LCD normally comes in black LCD as seen below.

For now, prices can range from $200 to $400 or so. If you're looking for some Amazon links, the OD model is the favorite for most users, and not too pricey as of 10/16.
Olive Drab, black LCD (Current Price $185):
Black, standard

To see the whole lineup on amazon, check out the following to window shop a bit-

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