CNN panel bursts into laughter as Katrina Pierson steers sex assault denials into a ditch

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CNN Can’t Contain Laughter at Katrina Pierson’s Trump Defense. Both Corey Lewandowski and Katrina Pierson crashed and burned as they tried to deny or explain away the latest sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump.

Jessica Leeds, a 74-year-old former businesswoman, claimed Trump aggressively groped her after he was seated next to her on a flight more than 30 years ago — but his former campaign manager and his national spokeswoman furiously denied the allegations during a panel discussion on “CNN Tonight,” hosted by Don Lemon.

“You have a woman who was in first class, where it’s a fairly open area, making an accusation of someone who’s saying, ‘It’s okay if he would have just touched the top half of my body,'” Lewandowski said. “Clearly, she wasn’t offended by that, or at least intimated that would have been okay with her for some rationale reason, if this even took place. I think the whole thing, timing, is quite speculative, at best. I think it’s very difficult, if you’ve been on an airplane — I know you’ve been on an airplane — sitting in first class, that someone would notice if an ‘octopus’ was grabbing you, and all of a sudden she’s so enraged by this, she gets up and goes to the back of the plane. I think there’s a lot of holes in this story.”

CNN contributor Hillary Rosen, a Clinton surrogate, said there were just too many allegations piling up for the claims to be without merit — and Trump’s own words triggered the avalanche of accusations.

“Donald Trump sort of brought this on himself the other night by saying, ‘No, I’ve never done this, unwanted advances, treated women with such disregard, assaulted them without their consent’ — and because he said that, all of these women that he did this to are now saying, ‘Wait, wait, wait — you did it to me, wait, wait wait, you did it to me,'” Rosen said. “So, Corey, you can try to pick each one of these apart, but you’re just never going to be able to convince people that this huge group of women who all just got pissed off when he said that to everybody else.”

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