Cocaine, CIA and The Clinton Crime Family

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Why is the life and death of Baton Rouge, Louisiana born drug smuggler Barry Seal still relevant today? The revelations surrounding Seal’s involvement with the Vice Presidency of George H. Bush, the Arkansas Governorship of Bill Clinton, The DEA secret money laundering dealings and CIA Director William J. Casey shadow government of the United States paints a clear picture of the evolution of the current corruption that infests the highest of levels of government today.

News Channel 8 Reporter Theresa Dickie stumbled on what would become a goldmine of investigative journalism when she innocently went to report on what appeared to be a new initiative to bring good jobs to the people of Arkansas. To her surprise Theresa Dickie gradually uncovered a massive shadow government operation replete with illegal cargo plane modifications for drug running and money laundering that would have huge ties to the DEA. And in the center of that deliberate and illegal operation was Barry Seal a fearless drug smuggler and gunrunner for the DEA and the CIA.

After the Iran-Contra hearings detailed Oliver North’s diversion of funds to the Contras and all of the failed indictments to bring anyone to justice. President Bill Clinton denied any involvement in the clandestine Mena Operations. Regardless of the fact that it was Bill Clinton’s time as Arkansas’ Governor that oversaw the blocking of any funding or cooperation in an investigation into one of the largest drug and gun running and money laundering schemes America has ever witnessed. To this day the banks continue to launder the billion dollar drug cartel industry’s money. And when they are caught, they pay a fine and no one goes to prison. Corruption that has been normalized.
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