FPS View - US Soldier Shooting With .50 M2 Machine Gun During Live Fire Exercise

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POV footage of US soldiers shooting with the M2 Browning mounted on a Humvee during training exercise in Alaska.

The Browning M2 is a heavy machine gun chambered in 12.7 x 99 mm , a munition also known to be .50 BMG .

The design of the M2 back to the end of the First World War . It is the brainchild of John Browning and shows an unusual longevity. It knows many names and is the main weapon chambred wiht the powerful ammunition of 12.7 mm which is a standard of NATO .

Throughout her career, it has experienced the test of fire many times, especially during the Second World War . She is still active today in many armies, and is also produced in Belgium by the company FN Herstal since the 1930s (Browning has become a subsidiary of the Belgian company).

M2 is derived from the M1919 Browning machine gun chambered in 7.62mm. The ammunition was originally developed for an anti-aircraft application, but M2 was also adopted for use on the ground in 1921 by the armed forces of the United States as the Model 1921. At that time, it was effective against aircraft and against tanks.

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