Gotta' Gun? The Galco Answer

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If you apply Rule One of the Gun Fight then you might be looking for the right carry rig. This will be all day comfortable, represent good value (some don’t), carries invisibly, and is durable. Enter some of my favorite Galco Holsters, shown here. The Jackass Rig, Miami Classic II, and Galco Classic Lite are the stars here and I have experience with each. In fact I frequently carry a Glock 20 10mm in these rigs. Some leather rigs cost too much to interest me and have NO better quality and comfort. These Galco rigs even allow comfortable carry of MAJOR power Glock 20 10mm pistols…I know because I’m doing it daily now in a Galco Jackass leather rig (shown). Most of ya’ll carry IWB but each should revisit the Galco shoulder holster option. If you do you just may find you have that gun you need instead of left on the dresser.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale on rigs shown: 5 Stars
Buy at Amazon below to save money; that’s where we buy them:
Galco Classic Lite holsters, most Glocks will fit this!:
Galco Classic Lite holsters Glock 43, Springfield XDS:
Galco Classic Lite holsters Sig P220, P228,P226 series:
Galco JACKASS Rig 1911s (I would carry a 1911 with this!):
Galco JACKASS Rig Glock 17 22 Glock 31:
Galco JACKASS Rig Sig P226, P series:
Galco JACKASS Rig 10mm Glock 20 21:
Galco Miami Classic Glock 17 and like:
Galco Miami Classic II Glock 17 22 and like (carries mags horiz):
Galco Miami Classic II Sig P 226 and like (carries mags horiz):
Galco VERT Holster G19 23 (not shown, maybe later):
Galco Pocket Holster KelTec P3AT, LCP, P32 and like:
Galco Pocket Holster Glock 42:
Galco preferred suede IWB Glock 19 23:
Galco KT224B Kingtuk IWB Glock 17 & most others:

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