Grant Stinchfield Demands Igor Volsky Apologize to the Boy Scouts of America

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Following President Trump's historic speech to 40,000 freedom-loving Americans at the Boy Scout's of America Annual Jamboree, Igor Volsky, vice president at The Center For American Progress tweeted: "Trump is trying to turn the Boy Scouts into Trump Youth." Igor knew exactly what he was doing when he made this reference. His friends at CNN or MSNBC or The Washington Post won't call him out, but Grant Stinchfield is taking Volsky to task for his disgusting, anti-American tweet. And he's demanding Volsky apologize to the Boy Scouts of America. Read the full transcript below.

Liberal elites have spent the last 24 hours in artificial outrage over President Trump's address to the Boy Scouts at their National Jamboree.

Leftist media like the New York Daily News' Brian Lisi called his speech bizarre and claimed it should have been short, like when Obama addressed the group by video in 2010. That, by the way, was less than 2 minutes. Just listen to the response back then.

In eight years, Barrack Obama never once took the time to go to the Annual Jamboree in person. I guess it was too American for him.

CNN's Chris Cillizza ripped Trump's speech, calling it "cringeworthy," including when Trump said "Make America Great Again!" What about that is cringeworthy?

MSNBC's Stepanie Ruhle actually said this: "Trump owes the Boy Scouts an apology." What? It’s MSNBC that should be apologizing. To our nation!

I actually don't know what those reporters were watching. I do know there's an obvious agenda to take down President Trump and make him look bad in the eyes of their very few viewers. The video is proof of what really happened at the jamboree. Boy Scouts celebrated their president ... our president. President Trump got a huge reception!

You know who does owe the Boy Scouts an apology? Igor Volsky, vice president at The Center For American Progress, who tweeted: "Trump is trying to turn the Boy Scouts into Trump Youth."

Igor, you know exactly what you're doing. That reference is disgusting. Your friends at CNN or MSNBC or The Washington Post won't call you out. But on behalf of freedom-loving Americans everywhere, I'm here to tell you, it's anti-American, and not to mention, just plain bizarre. And yes, it’s your tweet that is cringeworthy. There's nothing wrong with young leaders cheering for their president.

Igor, you owe the Boys Scouts an apology. And you owe it to yourself to pick up a history book.

You run an organization on a mission to dramatically reduce the number of guns available to law-abiding Americans.

So before you spew nonsense like, "my freedom doesn't need a gun," I suggest you educate yourself about what happens to freedom when the right to bear arms is stripped away.

As for President Trump, and the Boy Scouts, "Trump's Youth" as you call them: it’s despicable. And a decent man would apologize.

I’ll be waiting. All of us and our viewers here at NRATV will be waiting.

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