Hassle-free Sawed-off? Mossberg Shockwave

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UTG BullDot Compact Green Laser [xlnt]: http://amzn.to/2Co2Ny7

Huge congrats for Mossberg coming out with the Shockwave. It breaks new ground for the responsible civilian in easily being able to own a compact shotgun like this. We surprisingly found the 12 gauge, shot with almost exclusively BUCKSHOT, to be reliable, controllable [with correct techniqe], and fun. It uses the proven military grade Mossberg 590 action. The UTG Bulldot Green Laser is almost mandatory for aiming and it even worked in daylight. We'll talk about POU and put all of this in context because some will incorrectly think this is an all-purpose combat shotgun. It ain't. But it's great for its niche.

How is this legal? Who cares it just is...for now. A wise man knows when not to ask questions. Thank Mossberg and then go out to Gunnies and buy one.

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