Impressive F-16 Air-Show By US Air Force Thunderbirds

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The impressive picture on this thubnails video is visionable at 0:35s on this video.

The Thunderbirds or Squadron USAF Air Demonstration (in English USAF Air Demonstration Squadron) is the group of acrobatic flight of United States Air Force . Formed in 1953 , made ​​his first airshow on July 7 of that year.

The team started with a formation of three aircraft and later were joined by a fourth. Currently, training has six aircraft, plus a reserve or used to Serve personalities.

The first machines were the squadron F-84 Thunderstreak that was the best jetgetriebene aircraft for the US Air Force at that time. 1956 joined the squadron on F-100 Super Sabres , the first time supersonic aerobatic maneuvers were flown. The use of the F-105 Thunderchief 1964 abandoned due to massive technical problems and because at that time you considerable need for this machine for the Vietnam War had, the squadron returned to the Super Sabres. Was in the summer of 1969, then, after 13 years, F-4 Phantom aircraft introduced as a relay. During the first oil crisis in 1974 then in comparison to the phantom was far more fuel-efficient T-38 Talon used. 1976 for the 200th anniversary of the United States were the Thunderbirds to the official squadron, which occurred in all major events.

During the switch to the F-16A the Thunderbirds acquired new block 15 aircraft which they operated from 1983 to 1991, making the team one of the last USAF units flying the older F-16A's before transitioning into new C's. They also operated the two-seat F-16B during this time for training new pilots and for VIP flights, these being replaced by the F-16D when the rest of the squadron transitioned to the F-16C

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