Impressive Footages Of US Fighters Landing/Taking Off Carrier During Night (Boeing F/A-18)

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Currently, aircraft carriers are the largest warships ever built. Modern aircraft carrier has on board a few dozen aircraft, which may include fighters, attack planes, aircraft refueling, aircraft airborne early warning and control, anti-aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft. Along with this, the carrier has a team of helicopters, which are search and rescue, reconnaissance, anti-submarine and transport vehicles.

Modern aircraft carrier has a powerful power plant and has a large supply of aviation fuel and weapons, which allows considerable time to act far from their shores.

As carriers define tasks: air defense maritime links on the march, antisubmarine defense maritime links, air support of ground forces in the coastal zone, the destruction of enemy air defenses, providing air superiority in a given area, the destruction of enemy ships.

The cost of building a modern aircraft carrier with a nuclear propulsion system is about 4.6 billion US dollars. Monthly costs of the aircraft carrier (without salary staff) account for more than $ 10 million.

Currently, only ten countries are armed aircraft carriers and three - potential carriers (formally - amphibious assault ship, helicopter carriers). We even smaller number of countries (the same - except Brazil and Thailand, plus Germany and Ukraine) shipbuilding industry was able to build a large and technically sophisticated ships (including aircraft carriers).

Historically, carriers have also been a part of the Japanese Navy (including the largest aircraft carrier of World - "Shinano"), Germany, Argentina, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands.

China has an aircraft carrier "Liaoning", which was previously incorporated in the Ukrainian Nikolayev for Russia, but was unfinished heavy aircraft carrier "Varyag". When buying "Varyag" was announced that it will be used as a "floating amusement park" with the casino, however, the ship was built and upgraded, starting with the 2011 sea trials. For this and other aircraft carriers China copied the Soviet carrier-based fighter Su-33. In addition, according to estimates provided in the report of the Pentagon in 2010, and other reports, China is building the first Chinese aircraft carrier itself in 2010-2015. Construction of the first aircraft carrier of national development may have begun in late 2010. Prior to his entry into service and carrier-based fighter pilots palubniki will use "Liaoning" as a ship simulator for testing equipment off and landing on the flight deck and tactical employment of aircraft from an aircraft carrier. In this case, it is assumed that the "Liaoning" will also be in battle formation, as China prepares to have different data in the 2020s from four to six aircraft carrier battle groups to be deployed in the South China and East China Seas

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