Marco Rubio and Chris Christie Go At it Over Snowpocalypse at ABC GOP Debate

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The fireworks flew early at Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate, as third tier candidate Chris Christie tried to punch up at the second tier. Continuing on his “bubble boy” riff on Marco Rubio from earlier in the week, Christie attacked the junior senator over his lack of experience.

Rubio countered by attacking Christie over his state’s credit downgrades, at which point Christie decided to brag about his performance during the recent Snowpocalypse that left several dead New Jerseyans buried in the snow while Christie was high-tailing it back to New Hampshire to campaign. Rubio pounced:
Rubio: You said you weren’t going to go back. He told everyone he wasn’t going to go back. They had to shame him into going back. And when he decided to go back, he criticized the young lady, saying, what am I supposed to do, clean it up with a mop?

Christie: It gets very unruly when he gets off his talking points.

Rubio: It’s your record. it’s not a talking point.

The winner of that exchange is probably in the eye of the beholder, but by playground standards, Rubio got the last lick in.

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