Ruger Blackhawk

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Jeff Quinn ( ) looks at some new sixguns from Ruger: the Lipsey's-Exclusive Ruger Blackhawk "Flattop" single-action revolver in 357 Magnum/9mm, and the Ruger SP101 double-action revolver in 327 Federal Magnum.

The Lipsey's-Exclsuive 357/9mm Flattop is a continuation of the medium-frame Flattop-series Blackhawks introduced by Ruger as Lipsey's exclusives: the Blackhawk Flattop 44 Special (, and the Blackhawk Flattop 45 Colt/45 ACP Convertible (

The 327 Federal SP101 is a regular catalog item (not a distributor exclusive), and is an updated version of the previous incarnation of the 327 Federal SP101 ( The new version sports a 4.2" barrel, rather than the original's 3" barrel, which gives more velocity, a longer sight radius, and is legal for hunting in many areas where the short-barreled version is not; also, the 4.2" barrel allows export to Canada.

These sixguns are worthy additions to the Ruger line, and are dandy items. We highly recommend them.

View the entire line of fine Ruger firearms at

To find a dealer near you where you can buy the Lipsey's-Exclsuive Flattop Blackhawk 357/9mm, click on the DEALER FINDER at:

To order the SP101 327 Federal Magnum online, go to:

To find a dealer near you where you can buy the SP101 327 Federal Magnum, click on the DEALER FINDER at:

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