Russian Su-27 Intercepting Plane - Su-27/F-16 During Joint Exercises

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Russian SU-27 and Nato jet plane doing anti terr0rism drill together by intercepting plane with fictional terr0rist inside in the sky of Poland.
Video: Courtesy of The NATO Channel:

The Sukhoi Su-27 (in Russian : Сухой Су-27, NATO reporting name : Flanker ) is a fighter car, powered by two turbofan class Mach 2 , designed in the Soviet Union by Sukhoi in years 1970 . It was designed as a direct competitor to the great fighters of fourth generation American , with a long range of 3,530 km , heavy weapons, avionics sophisticated and great agility. The Su-27 most often performed missions of air superiority , but is ready to perform almost any combat operation. Complementing the lighter Mikoyan MiG-29 in the Soviet Air Force (now in the Russian Air Force ), its closest competitor is the US F-15 Eagle .

Since 1980 , the Su-27 has been considered by some as one of the best fighters in the world, and has given rise to an important line of models derived from the original design. There are numerous developments related to the design of the Su-27. The Su-30 ("Flanker-C") is a bomber tandem for deep interdiction missions air-air and air-to-surface operational capacity all times ; comparable to the F-15E Strike Eagle American. The Su-33 ("Flanker-D") is an interceptor defense for naval fleet to be used from aircraft carriers ; comparable to the F / A-18 Super Hornet US. Other versions derived from the Su-27 are the attack aircraft seater side-by-side Su-34 ("Fullback") and advanced air defense fighter Su-35 ("Flanker-E").

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