Scarborough: Bill Clinton’s ‘Trying to Destroy His Wife’s Campaign’ With Obamacare Comments

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and others on his Morning Joe panel Wednesday speculated that the reason Bill Clinton sharply criticized Obamacare while campaigning for his wife Hillary Clinton is because he secretly wanted her to lose.

Mike Barnicle said that he had heard “anecdotally” from Clinton people that Bill Clinton is worried that his presidency will be seen as a footnote, while Barack Obama‘s will be considered much more historic. “So he’s very resentful?” Scarborough asked.

“But his wife is trying to be president,” co-host Willie Geist said. “You would think he could keep it under wraps for a month as you try to get your wife elected president.”
“The pop psychiatrists would say maybe he doesn’t want her to win, or he doesn’t want President Obama to get as much credit,” Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said. “I’m certain [the Clinton campaign] is going to figure out how to keep stuff like this from happening, and they’re lucky it wasn’t worse.”

“How can it be worse? What, tear up a picture of the pope or Barack Obama?” joked Scarborough.

He played the clip again to emphasize how bad it was. “Here’s Bill Clinton trying to destroy his wife’s campaign,” he narrated.

“I mean, that could have been ripped out of a Trump speech or a Mike Pence speech if you trying to attack the legacy of Barack Obama,” Geist said after the clip was over. “There’s just no spinning out of that.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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