Shooting the Honor Defense “Honor Guard” Sub-Compact 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol -

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Jeff Quinn ( ) tests the Honor Defense “Honor Guard” Sub-Compact 9x19mm Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Every type of ammunition we tried fed, fired, and ejected perfectly. There were no malfunctions of any kind, with any ammo tested. The pistol never failed to lock the slide back on an empty magazine. The Honor Defense pistol runs flawlessly. Recoil was easy to manage, even with the Buffalo Bore +P+ ammo. For a very light-recoiling load, the LeHigh Defense Extreme Penetrator recoil feels more like a mild 380 ACP load, but the XP design is very effective in tests on ballistic gelatin. The trigger pull is very good, with a positive reset, and the wide trigger blade makes the trigger pull feel even lighter than it measures. The Honor Guard pistol exhibited very good accuracy for a pistol of this type, and should serve very well for a defensive pistol. The pistol is easy to shoot, and easy to shoot well. The Honor Guard pistol is built right, and built in the USA.

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