Shooting The NEW Ruger Single-Action Five-Shot Bisley 454 Casull & 480 Ruger Revolvers-

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Jeff Quinn ( ) tests the Ruger Single-Action Five-Shot Bisley 454 Casull & 480 Ruger Revolvers.

I get a lot of firearms and accessories coming through here to review, and I try my best to give every one of them a fair shake, keeping my personal likes and dislikes out of the discussion as much as possible. However, like everyone else, I have my preferences when it comes to pickup trucks, motorcycles, food, and even guns. Therefore, I enjoy some reviews more than I do others, and this one, I really enjoyed. It is a gun for which I have been waiting a long time, to the extent that my friends at Ruger probably got tired of me asking about it. In my simplistic way of thinking, I tell them, "You have machines. You have people. Just make them!" I am sure it is not as easy as all that, but I do get impatient at times, and am really happy that this gun is now in production.

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This special edition of the Bisley Super Blackhawk is available only through dealers who order from Lipsey’s. For the location of a dealer near you, click on the DEALER FINDER at

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