Shooting the Two-Shot 45 ACP/9x19mm Convertible Derringer from DoubleTap Defense.-

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Jeff Quinn ( ) tests the Two-Shot 45 ACP/9x19mm Convertible Derringer from DoubleTap Defense.

The DoubleTap pistol worked flawlessly during testing, with every type of ammunition tried. Most empty 45 ACP cases fell from the chambers of their own weight, while most of the 9mm cases required a bump against the wood table, or prying from the chambers with fingernails. Muzzle rise was kept to a minimum by the porting of the barrels, but the recoil went straight back into the web of the hand, as noted above. This is not a pistol for the novice shooter, as felt recoil is stiffer than with most pistols in its size class, due to the light weight, serious caliber, and the thinness of the frame. However, for a seasoned shooter who wants the thinnest 45 ACP or 9x19mm pistol on the market, the DoubleTap can serve the defensive niche which it fills nicely.

As of the date of this review, the DoubleTap pistols are available at local gun dealers, and there are plenty available at distributors warehouses, if your dealer does not have one in stock.

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