Tactical Response - THE FIGHT - Force on Force Scenarios

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In my opinion this class is a must attend for CCW holders. Regulation classes merely cover basic firing and safety with a dash of legal while the most difficult parts of being a CCW holder are knowing when to use your weapon, and deploying without hesitation when the time comes. THE FIGHT covers these crucial topics, however you will also learn the answers are not black and white. The class is designed for each attendee to find answers from within as each scenario presents realistic situations of when daily life goes bad.
Learn More at: http://www.tacticalresponse.com

Some viewers have been a little confused so here is some clarification:
This video is meant to show topics covered and not be actual lessons. It is not a glamor reel as some of the best lessons are learned by making mistakes in training. Students are shown reacting with both good and bad results, and sometimes none at all.

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