The Art of Flow Ep2 | Sinawali: The Art of Weaving | Filipino Martial Arts

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Doug Marcaida:

Sinawali , it means to weave . This complex martial move is synonymous with Filipino Martial arts. The complex moves of double weapons teaches the practitioner an advanced way of learning to be coordinated with the dominant and non dominant hands.

The complex patterns interweave with coordinated grace that is meant to coordinate a continuous form of strikes, shields, redirections and deflective combat moves . It is mesmerizing in many ways. just like the process of weaving clothing sinawali aims to create strong patterns that fit perfectly to create a strong housing to protect us from the elements that may harm us.

The intricate weaving patterns have been said to be part of tying and untying oneself to life's problems and challenges. In combat it is the search to go flow and go through the path of least resistance but to also be able to handle conflict and contact if need be. Such is the way of sinawali training with double weapons.

But what wields the weapons? The very limbs flow on their own that to say sinawali is double sticks of double weapons fighting is a very limited view because the true weapons is the wielder and the rest that you see moving be it the hand or tool of choice is nothing more than the munition used.

In Marcaida Kali, sinawali is the nucleus of our flow, the core or alphabet of which the mechanics and motions of the art derives it's skills and strategies.

The beauty of the motion begins with set patterns much like ones you would see when you are about to weave a basket, this is the foundation of the training, but like some arts that have complex weaving patterns, you will soon also see abstract forms and designs of which comes the true skills to create a form from formlessness, to weave or free flow and go with the dance of the fight where the only thing that is pre-set is the fact that we are able to recognize the choice of the weave but never sure of the finished weaving pattern.

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