The DIRTIEST Fighting Style Ever. PERIOD.

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These guys are some of the dirtiest street fighters I have ever seen. I mean we're talking REAL dirty. They are deceptive like Kali fighters. Aggressive like American wrestlers. Fast like wing chun. Resilient like Thai fighters. Intelligent like jiu jitsu fighters. They move like English boxers. And they are dirty like street fighters. They look to end the fight quickly.

If you are interested...please visit here and drop them a note saying that Funker Tactical sent you:

READ: Here's what's fascinating about Fred Mastro---he currently trains and travels all over the world seeking the best in their respective fields. He challenges them. If they can beat him, they become his master. I know, sounds old school kung fu movie-ish, right? But there's a logic behind it. But first, understand that out of all the FMA instructors Fred has had contact with...he chose Doug Marcaida to teach him the WORST case scenario against a knife attacker.

Most instructors teach their students for 90% of potential encounters. Which is totally fine. In fact, this is the BEST way to LEARN. Most of us might only get to deal with a drunken or drugged out trouble maker. Perhaps an armed robber with a gun or a knife. Maybe a baseball bat or a crowbar. These assailants, while having bad intent are typically UNTRAINED in the weapon they utilize.

While others teach to survive against the MOST COMMON type of attacks...Fred trains for the LEAST LIKELY confrontation. Let me explain. Most knife attacks, for example are from untrained people who swing wildly or stab with power and bad intent. WE ALL NEED to train to defend ourselves against this FOR SURE. But what Fred aims to accomplish for himself is to be able to survive against a Kali expert. He trains to go on the ground against a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. He trains to wrestle against against MMA fighters.

Why? Well, considering who he is hired to only makes sense to be prepared.

REMEMBER: That this was conducted under a teaching environment. You don't wanna be the guy who sees good shooting and says "paper targets don't shoot back".

Fred Mastro is the newest member of Funker Tactical.

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