The F16 , One Of The Hardest Plane For The Air Refueling (General Dynamic Plane)

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The Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is a fighter aircraft developed by the United States during the 1970s.
Controlled by more than 20 different countries, built under license in Turkey, South Korea and a group of four NATO countries, the F-16 aircraft in 2013 most used fighter in the world with, according to one estimate, 2,309 aircraft in service in 2012 or 15% of all combat aircraft worldwide.
4 500th was delivered in April 20124 and production is expected to continue at least until 2017 for export
Early 1971, the US Air Force launched a designated program LWF (Light Weight Fighter, French: light fighter) supported by John Boyd (a former test pilot) and Pierre Sprey (a French engineer analyst weapons systems) 6 aircraft under 9 tons, reduced in size, providing high maneuverability and good acceleration capacity. These specifications followed the experience of the Vietnam War, during which no American plane was able to face combat conditions Mig spinning and air superiority.
In 1972, two manufacturers of proposals were selected: General Dynamics Model 401 and Model P-600 Northrop. A contract was signed for the construction of two demonstrators of each project, with the designations of YF-16 for General Dynamics and Northrop YF-17. The first YF-16 came out of the factory at the end of 1973 and made its maiden flight on February 2, 1974. The second copy was flying at turn one month later.
While the trials with the YF-17 took place, the program was renamed ACF (Air Combat Fighter, French: air combat fighter). The US Air Force officially considering the purchase of at least 650 copies, and even double. This gave a clear signal of the US commitment to the other countries interested in the aircraft. Indeed, several NATO countries then sought a replacement for their F-104 Starfighter.

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