The Future Huge Armored Amphibious Transport Vehicle Of US Army: The UHAC

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The Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious is a vehicle that can travel on land and water.

On the main military use, wheeled vehicles are often replaced by vehicles on air cushion called hovercraft , such as Zubr of the Russian army and LCAC the US armed forces .

This concept of amphibious vehicle is also used to use medical form of clinical floating to access remote rural areas.

Some amphibious car entertainment were produced in series, as the Amphicar (in) or Dutton Commander.

An attempt amphibious car that can grow underwater sQuba of Rinspeed was unveiled in March 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show.

In 2009, the catamaran / Catakite SEA-QUAD proposed moving sand with water and roll and navigate with the sheer force of the wind.

Since 2012, the company French Iguana Yachts offers boats to motor and caterpillars , able to get out of the water and move on land on their own.

Of particular relevance military amphibious assault vehicles for their ability to transport troops assault of infantry , along with his material, and land them on the ground without the need for a port practicable .

Strictly, amphibious military vehicles, were developed and perfected especially during and after the Second World War , and more specifically by the warring powers involved in the war or Pacific Theater as Japan and the United States . This was a byproduct of experience in amphibious War of the First World War , and the need to perfect this art. So much so that the boats LCVP (acronym English : Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) have come to be considered as the most important weapon of the Second World War by its ability to maintain a continuous supply and refresh troops.

Credit footage: Cpl. Matthew Bragg

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