This Is How Grenade Explosion Looks In Real Life - US Soldiers Training With Real M67

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Very different from the Call of Duty grenade explosion !

The M67 grenade is a hand grenade defensive fragmentation used by the Armed Forces of the United States and Canadian Forces (where they are called C13). The M67 grenade is a replacement for the M61 used in Vietnam and the former Mk II used during World War II .

The M67 can be thrown 40 meters by most soldiers. It has a slow fuse M213 for a period of 3 to 5 seconds. The Shrapnel is produced by the segmentation of the inner shell. However, this segmentation is not effective enough, and sometimes the hull is torn instead of going into small pieces. It has an operating range of 15 meters, and its lethal radius is 5 meters, although some fragments can be sent to more than 230 meters.

The arming of the pomegranate is done in three steps: the user removes the safety ring and places the spoon (leverage) between his thumb and index finger to remove the pin. At this time, the grenade is still armed and can be regoupillée. Once launched, the internal spring pops the spoon and releases a striker which strikes the primer. The primer will then initiate the detonation of the grenade.

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