This Is How US Marines Deal With IED - M1 ABV Assault Breacher Vehicle In Action

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US Marine with the help of the powerful M1 ABV Assault Breacher Vehicle clearing road full of IED in Afghanistan: Radical solution.

M1 ABV is (in the United States Marine Corps) used in military operation. The vehicles is the name of the model of the M1 abrams It's the same chassi. ABV stands for "Assault Breacher Vehicle".The abbreviation Brie char (carve out who), also, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a character of the shredder nickname is attached . It was used first in 2010 against the Taliban IED. ISAF-Afghan been turned is, participating United States Marine Corps was this car for the first time and widely introduced.

This armored is compoed of, the ZenSo Tracked armored fighting vehicle , and the minefield. It work by removing the IED by exploding them. Also, roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices is used to process. Vehicle weight is 72t, this car full-length 12m is, M1 Abrams tank has been based on a 1,500 horsepower of the power engine is used. In addition, 50 caliber of heavy machine gun in the armed and, of about 3,175kg explosives to carry a. Plow width 4.5m is attached to the vehicle body front metal and is held near the surface made ​​of the support rack.
These vehicle, this dispute fatal faced the threat in NATO of troops was called "answer" to us. ABV is also, M58 MICLIC mine I'm equipped with a removal爆索. This is rocket at C-4 explosives to not the best 100 were towed to 150 yards forward, to detonate the explosives that have been hidden from a safe distance. This troops and vehicles will be able to pass safely through the .
1990s , the US Army in, was determined to be unable to continue to develop a time-consuming vehicle complex and maintenance for this purpose. 2001 Grizzly plan is discontinued, developed prototype vehicle was not be entirely made ​​in mass production line. However, Marines will not give in this vehicle, had provided the funds for independent development and test. The final model of ABV is General Dynamics produced in M1A1 Abrams main tanks to the body top for is obtained by constructing a body portion. UK The Pearson Engineering Inc., was fed a specially designed plow and other demining tools .

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