Training On The Most Powerful US Machine Gun: The M2 .50 Cal

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Some members of the Dominican Republic Coast Guard training with a M2 .50 caliber weapon during exercise near the Saint Lucia island.

The M2 Was developed in 1932 based on the Browning M1921 , which began to be designed in the final stages of World War II .

Various modifications of the machine guns were widely used by the US Army from 1930 to the present day, during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and other wars. This gun is in service with many NATO countries and several other states. He, with very few modifications, is still in use longer than any other types of hand weapons in the United States. On a design similar to the machine gun Browning M1919 .

Widely used in the United States Air Force during the Second World War ( P-40 , P-47 , P-51 ). A record for a fighter is to install eight machine guns M2 fighter-attack aircraft P-47 Thunderbolt . Defensive armament bomber B-17 "Flying Fortress" consisted of 13 units M2 Browning.

Bullet type .50 BMG is less exposed to the wind, compared with lighter bullets smaller caliber, and is widely used in large-caliber sniper rifles.

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