US Army Veteran's Critical Analysis of Filipino Martial Arts May Hurt Feelings

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Ever see Filipino Martial Arts training and thought: Well that's some BS right there! Us too. The reality is that Filipino Combat Arts was born from bloodshed. However, due to its prevalence and popularity in times of peace, what you may have been witnessing is closer to the art-form. In order for the Filipino Martial Arts to be preserved as a legitimate fighting system there must be a cleansing process. Where does art end and realism begins and who can the two co-exist?

JD Caputo, a US Army veteran and long-time practitioner of FMA (and a multitude of other arts) offers some solutions, ideas and concepts that will hopefully open the gates for further questioning, conversation and sharing.

Let's be clear, this is not an attack on FMA. If you are a true ambassador of Filipino Martial Arts, you probably know all of this already and are likely to agree with these concepts or you've been practicing them yourself for years. If so, please join us in the conversation and let your opinions be heard.


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