US M1 Abrams Showing It's Awesome Maneuverability Capability

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The tank M1 Abrams is a third-generation main battle tank American , numbered M1.

Introduced in 1981 , the M1 Abrams was one of the first cars equipped with high-tech; for example, is equipped with sensors that, once identified a target, can communicate the goal and make it hit by another tank nearby.

The production of M1A1 tanks to the army of the United States is over. Over 8,800 M1 and M1A1 tanks have been produced for the ' Army , the US Marine Corps , for the armies of Egypt , Saudi Arabia and Kuwait . Versions operating in desert territory are equipped with efficient anti-sand filter systems for both air intakes of the engine, that the cabin. Currently are deployed dell'Abrams three versions: the original model M1, which dates back to the early eighties, and two more modern versions, called M1A1 and M1A2. The M1A1, produced from 1985 to 1993 , after several comparative tests replaced the main gun 105mm rifled from the M1 with a 120mm smooth bore with bullet self-stabilizing , as well as making many other improvements to the old model. The most modern M1A2 includes further improvements especially in terms of command and control.

A modernization program, now completed, will lead to equip all the M1A1 with depleted uranium armor embedded steel (this version is called M1A1HA HA, Heavy Armor), which will bring the total weight dell'Abrams to 65 tons, but increasing much of its resistance; in fact this armor will allow a resistance comparable to 590mm of steel homogeneous on the front of the hull against projectiles kinetic energy (KE) and 800mm against bullets to chemical energy (CE) , while the turret will have a resistance equal to 680mm of steel against KE and 1320mm bullets against those EC.

For the M1A2 version was introduced the update package SAP (System Enhancement Package). It incorporated new maps of digital type, update the electronic system FBCB2 and a new cooling system to cope with the extra heat due to the use of the new systems. A development in the future, called the M1A3, in which there are already prototypes will be operational by 2017. The improvements consist of elevating the standard 120 mm cannon, the addition of wheels with a thicker, more durable tracks, armor lighter, more precision long-range cannon, a infrared camera and laser detectors. There will be a new computer system, with a current wiring replaced by fiber optic lines can reduce the weight by about two tons.

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