US Marines Training To Fire FIM-92 Stinger On A Boat With Simulator Launchers

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Light to carry and relatively easy to use, the FIM-92 Stinger is a ground-to-air missile pointing passive infrared, which can be launched with a pitcher spalleggiabile by a single man, although officially requires two operators. The FIM-92B aircraft can hook up to 4,800 meters (15,700 feet) and at altitudes ranging from 180 to 3,800 meters (600 to 12,500 feet).

The missile can be launched also from the M-1097 Avenger and the M6 ​​Linebacker, retired in 2004. The missile can also be deployed from a HMMWV Humvee equipped with Stinger rack, and can be used by troops aviolanciate. There is also a version launchable by helicopter, called ATAS or Air-to-Air Stinger.

The missile is 1.52 m long and has a diameter of 70mm with 10mm fins. The missile itself weighs 10.1 kg, while the pitcher will get to a weight of approximately 15.2 kg (34.5 lbs). The Stinger is launched from a small exhaust motor that pushes it up to a safe distance from the operator before starting the main engine, an engine with two-stage solid propellant, which accelerates to maximum speed of Mach 2.2 (750 m / s). The head is constituted by a penetrator of 3 kg hit-to-kill (hit to destroy) with a trigger to impact and a timer of self-destruction.

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